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Dangerous conditions on a property can cause serious injuries or death. Thousands of people are injured yearly because of someone’s negligence in caring for their property. Property owners are legally required to keep visitors safe, whether a residence or business, on their premises. Know your legal rights regarding premises liability.

Hold Them Responsible for WRONGS

If you were hurt because an owner or operator of land or a building created a dangerous condition or failed to warn you of a known hazardous condition, they may be liable for your injuries. South Carolina law imposes specific safety requirements on landowners, and our attorneys have experience handling cases of victims who were injured or killed in such conditions. An experienced Premises Liability attorney can help you determine if the owner or operator acted negligently in a manner that led to your injury.

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At Fayssoux and Landis, our skilled attorneys in Greenville are here to help you with your case. When it comes to personal injury situations, our personal injury lawyers bring years of experience and success to our clients. Let one of our premises liability attorneys review the circumstances of your accident and resulting injuries to determine if you can obtain compensation.

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