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Individuals and businesses often seek the guidance of industry professionals. Unfortunately, those professionals can act in a negligent or irresponsible manner. They may make a mistake or act in their own self-interest. If this has happened to you, you shouldn’t have to suffer for the mistake or carelessness of another.

Hold Them Responsible for WRONGS

If you put your trust in a professional and find yourself facing severe ramifications for their actions, you need an experienced legal team to help. Countless people throughout South Carolina do great jobs, but mistakes happen. Sometimes those mistakes are caused by errors in judgment, but sometimes they are caused by negligence. Professionals typically carry insurance coverage to protect them in the event of a malpractice claim. If you have suffered a financial loss, you may be entitled to recover monetary compensation.
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At Fayssoux and Landis, we have tremendous respect for professionals across all industries. We are equipped to handle professional negligence cases involving a wide range of professions. Whether you are an engineer, architect, or accountant, we will listen to the facts and provide an honest assessment of the challenges you might face through the legal process.
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*Every case must be evaluated on its own merit, and past results do not guarantee a particular outcome in any other case.

Past Verdicts & Settlements*

$135,000 Verdict
A jury found in favor of homeowners who suffered a sewage backup that caused substantial damage to their home.

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