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Disputes frequently arise between business partners or between businesses that interact with eachother. Such disputes may threaten the existence of the enterprise or the financial security of its owners or employees. It is important to involve a lawyer early in the process to make sure you
understand your rights and have a lawyer on your side.

Hold Businesses Responsible for WRONGS

Many disputes can be resolved prior to litigation. However, if a lawsuit is required, you need an attorney with experience advising clients in business matters and navigating the legal system.

Our lawyers have experience pursuing cases and defending clients in the following matters:

Get The Experience You Deserve

Our familiarity with business organizations, as well as the needs of both debtors and creditors, allows us to provide you with valuable insight into possible solutions and potential hazards in the legal process.

In every case, we strive to provide personal service and individual attention. Let us help you remove as much stress and worry from your shoulders as possible. If negotiation does not work, we are confident in our ability to represent you through courtroom litigation. We can explore the details of your case and begin guiding you toward resolution.

*Every case must be evaluated on its own merit, and past results do not guarantee a particular outcome in any other case.

Past Verdicts & Settlements*

$187,500 Verdict – (Including $75,000 in punitive damages) Jury found in favor of a physician who sold her medical practice to another physician and alleged that the buyer breached the parties’ agreement.

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