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Personal Injury & Accident Lawyers in Greenville, SC

Wally Fayssoux and Paul Landis represent anyone who has experienced a serious personal injury due to an accident in South Carolina. We are able to tackle difficult cases to get the compensation our clients need to recover their lives. And remember, you don’t owe us unless we recover for you!

Why should I have to pay for an accident that wasn’t my fault?

You shouldn’t and our personal injury lawyers understand your frustrations. Missed work, medical bills and lifestyle changes all from an accident you had no control. At Fayssoux and Landis, we can help. We have experience with clients who’ve suffered a wide range of injuries, such as:

  • Road accident-related injury
  • Brain or spinal cord injury
  • PTSD
  • Burns or electrocution
  • Equipment or product malfunction-related injury
  • Slip and fall injuries
  • Debilitating knee, elbow, back, neck, or facial injury

One or more injuries may have happened to you as a result of your accident. Click on the arrows below to learn more about our case experience with different types of accidents.

If you’ve been involved in an accident caused by the negligence of another driver – whether they are speeding, driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or driving while texting – you are likely entitled to monetary compensation.

Alcohol-impaired driving results in nearly one-third of all traffic-related deaths in the United States. If you’ve been in an alcohol-related accident, you understand the grave reality of this number. What you may not know is that the impaired driver may not be the only responsible party. It is possible to hold the person, bar, or restaurant that over-served the driver responsible, in part, for the resulting accident.

While broken bones and damaged muscles are serious injuries that can result in a loss of work and wages, they often heal with time. A traumatic brain injury (TBI), along with other catastrophic injuries, can result in lifelong disabilities that affect your motor functions, ability to speak, and memory. The costs and rehab associated with these injuries present a mountain of challenges to victims and their families, but we can help you overcome.

With over six decades of combined experience, Fayssoux & Landis, P.A. has represented clients struggling through catastrophic injuries such as burns and paralysis. Wally Fayssoux and Paul Landis are prepared to secure your full and fair monetary compensation.

Past Verdicts & Settlements

  • $3,000,000 Settlement – Individual suffered a neurological injury after being sideswiped by a commercial truck.

You expect the products you purchase to be correctly manufactured and thoroughly tested before reaching store shelves. Unfortunately, many products are released to the public with errors in design, fabrication, testing or packaging. Whether a car tire fails at high speeds or a manufacturing press malfunctions, these errors can ultimately lead to catastrophic or fatal accidents.

We Have the Resources to Tackle Product Liability Cases

If you or a loved one has been injured by a defective product, we encourage you to contact the Greenville products liability lawyers at Fayssoux and Landis, P.A. Very few firms have the experience and resources to effectively execute a products liability case. They require a tremendous amount of time, effort, research and investigative resources to properly prepare.

Our lawyers are capable of handling cases involving national and international companies with a wide range of products. We work with engineers and industry experts to develop an effective case strategy that moves you toward a successful resolution.

Past Verdicts & Settlements

  • $15,000,000 Verdict – Jury found in favor of a young woman who was severely injured when the Ford Explorer she was driving suddenly accelerated and rolled over.
  • $1,268,000 Settlement – Individual suffered severe burns due to an allegedly dangerous/defective product.

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    A price can’t be placed on your wellbeing, but Fayssoux and Landis will work towards a resolution that brings you peace of mind. It is our goal to thoroughly examine your situation and aggressively fight for your full and fair monetary compensation from the responsible parties. Reach out to us if you’ve experienced an unfair injury.